A Word A Day

One of the best sites to subscribe to,if you’re interested in words is Wordsmith.org

They have a service called A.Word.A.Day,which sends out a daily email containing just that.

The service comes from Anu Garg,who founded Wordsmith twenty-one years ago. Remarkably,his first language is not English,but his fascination with words led to him quitting the corporate world to spread his love of etymology.

Anu Garg

He has a quarter of a million subscribers in 170 countries. Each week he chooses words that fit a particular theme,such as English words derived from a foreign language or words with a military connection. Feedback is encouraged,and there’s an enjoyable discussion of the week’s words delivered to your in-box at the weekend.

Each daily word email also has a pithy quote at the bottom of the page,which is a bonus.