Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic is known as ‘the grandmother of performance art’. I knew her name,but only a little of her work,until a friend sent me a video clip – an extract from one of her performances ( link below ).

Read a little about her before watching it,as this will help you to understand the background. The clip will probably make you cry,so get a tissue ! My correspondent has recently been separated from her loved ones,after moving to a new city,so I understand why the film moves her.

It’s worth having a look at Marina Abramovic’s Wikipedia entry first,to understand what a tough upbringing she had. This certainly influenced her pained and masochistic performance art,and whatever you think of her sanity her unflinching honesty is involving.

In the video she sits in a most uncomfortable dress,with stays running up the sides. This performance piece ‘The Artist Is Present’ went on for about three months,and in it she confronted people who sat opposite her,opening her eyes to them once they were seated.
She had not seen Ulay,her former lover,the man who did a lot of the performance pieces with her,for 15 years.
They are reunited here – she did not know he would be there. Grab the Kleenex !