A Literary Agony Uncle

Haruki Murakami,the Japanese novelist,has become an agony uncle. He has a web site dedicated to answering questions and problems put to him.



If you haven’t read any of his work,I recommend that you do,as it will make you reconsider how a book is structured and paced. I read ‘The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle’ a couple of years ago,and though it’s narrative flowed easily not a lot appeared to be happening in the story – except that it was beneath the surface,literally in one part of the plot. it was very clever and memorable.

Does writing come naturally ? I like what he has to say on the subject :

Writing is like “chatting up a woman”, Japan’s superstar novelist Haruki Murakami has said: “You can get better with practice to a certain degree, but basically, you’re either born with it, or you’re not.”


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