Self-Publishing And Literary Awards

Why is self-publishing still scorned by literary awards?

As an increasing number of DIY authors climb the digital bestseller lists, book prizes will have to rethink their entry criteria

2 thoughts on “Self-Publishing And Literary Awards

    • I agree with you. After self-publishing for eighteen months,I recently approached about thirty literary agents and a few publishers who accept direct submissions. Just finding these took several days,as many agencies and publishers appear to be stuck in the nineteenth century,only accepting hard copies of a manuscript. It’s as if they haven’t heard of computers and emailing,and use the expense and complication of sending printed versions of one’s story as proof of seriousness. They’re trying to maintain control,of course,though I’m sure some of them would have been delighted had I sent my manuscript,hand-written on vellum with a goose quill pen,to them in a horse-driven carriage and delivered by my footman wearing full livery. It’s as if they think that by ignoring something it will go away. Why give an award to something that’s just a passing fad ?

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